Online storage

Are you searching for a solution to store your files in a secure way? Ethera offers two flexible ways to store online files.

  • Your data and files are stored in Belgium
  • Privacy is our middle name. We offer you anonymous storage and secure access.
  • Our support team is stand by to answer your questions on a daily basis.


Keep your data close

Nextcloud is a cloud based solution that allows you to save and share files in a secure and fast way where and whenever you want.

  • Work together easily and add multiple collaborators to your account.
  • Protect the access and only share you files with whom you want.
  • By using the app, you have access to your files wherever you are.


No more data loss

We regularly back-up your files with respect towards your privacy. You create the rules, we provide certainty.

  • Decide which files should be backed up.
  • Files are encrypted before saving or sending.
  • The back-up data is compressed.